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Same middle name? Lock Rss

Our DS has DP's middle name, which is the same as DP's father's middle name (DP's father passed away about 6 years ago). I am currently pregnant with number 2, and we've decided on first names - yay!
My problem is DP wants no.2, if it's another boy, to have the same middle name again. I'm kind of against it, and have offered a compromise of his dad's first name. We haven't decided yet, and if he really puts his foot down I suppose I would do it.
Does anyone else have this in their family? I haven't actually heard of any families where kids have the same middle name, and a friend of mine who is no.2 son in their family doesn't have the "passed down gen to gen" middle name, and doesn't care one bit. DP thinks that no.2 would be upset that DS1 got the family name but not him.
Sorry to ramble, but it takes a bit of explaining!! Any thoughts or experience anyone has would be most appreciated.
Personally its not something I would do as I think kids need their own names and need to be individuals but I know other families that have done this and they don't seem to have a problem with it.

Cassie, mum to Hayley and Skye

I highly doubt your #2 will care that #1 got a family name and he didn't....after all he is a male and they don't care about things like that.

I wouldn't be using the name middle name either. Why is it that his fathers name gets to be used twice? (no offense) but you may want to use your father or grandfathers name etc.

Hi there

My DS and the new bubba will have the same middle name. They also share it with all their cousins (boy or girl) as it is a family name. I don't see a problem with it and it gives them a link to each other as all of us have different surnames familywise now.

hi i wouldnt do it personally but my mother and i share the same middle name and i am passing it onto my baby girl as her middle name.

any more girls will have their own middle name
Thanks girls - I personally don't think no.2 would be offended by not having the same name, but it's good to know there are other families that do it.
If no.2 is a girl, she'll be having my middle name, as it was passed to me by my mum, but if we'd had 2 girls I would have been looking for a new middle name.
In regards to the why DP's family name, I never really thought about it. My brother has a family middle name, but it was one my dad doesn't have, and he could never explain where it came from or anything, so it doesn't hold much significance for me. I wanted to honour DP's dad in a sense with our first boy too, as I know he would have been so thrilled (whereas my dad doesn't like kids at all, and is only just starting to get involved with DS now, at 16 months old - gggrrrr).
So I feel a bit better about it now - I think I'd still like a different name for him (if it's a boy) but if DP is set on it I'll go with it. The first name is more important to me anyway.

Thanks heaps xxx
Sounds like my hubby. OUr son has his name for a middle name, and he wants all our boys (apprently we will be having all boys) to have it. But i think no way. Kids need their own names, its ok to have the same between generations but I don't like the idea of kids in the same generation having the same name (also goes for cousins).
My sister and I both wanted Katherine for a girls name, so I let her have it (when she finally has a kid)
My family has a very traditional link when it comes to names. For example, my Father is David Malcolm, his father was David William Jnr and his Father was David William Snr. David William Snr's Father's name was James William and His father was William David.

We decided to carry on the history, and gave our first DS David as a middle name and this one we will most likely give James. The fact that I have so many family likeness is names means I don't have a problem with it, but I could see how confusing it could get.

Good Luck

Well, I will go against the flow... LOL

It was me who wanted to have my boys with DH middle name, but only our first boy got that. smile

I know a family with 10 kids and all there boys have the same middle name, there are 5 boys I think.

So there really isn't anything wrong with it, but if you are totally against it, then maybe you need to get strong with you DH and make a REALLY good compromise. LOL

Hope ti works out for ya all. smile

Mum to 2 boys - 1 on the way. Due July 08.

I know a woman who has two boys both with the middle name Mckenzie Mcgregor *then surname* or something like that. I have heard of a woman who had twin girls and both their middle names were leanne after the mother. If you husband wants his second son to have a family name how about a name from a different family member, maybe a male on your side this time.

We have a daughter who's middle name was named after her sister who was stillborn three years ago. I am 36 weeks pregnant with our son and his middle name will be James like my husbands middle name and his father's middle name etc, this was my choice as I like the name james.

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