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Spelling of Holly??? Lock Rss

I was hoping to use the girl's name Holly.

I like Holly Grace and Holly Maree-Mae (family Name)

Should I leave Holly as is? Or change it a bit to:-


Any ideas?


The two Hollie's that I know are spelt differently.

One is Holly and the other is Hollie.
I like both spellings...Its up to you!

Holly is a lovely name. I hate when people spell names different. I like Holly Grace best.

Cassie, mum to Hayley and Skye

Hi there
I like the name Holly and Holly Grace sounds very pretty. But if it was me id spell it as Hollie : ) thats just my opinion hope it helps. Good luck : )
I love the name Holly and would spell it that way as to me its the prettiest way....

We considered the name Holly Grace for DD1 but then decided it was way too religious for us....Holy Grace!
Holly or Hollie - either way are nice... just that if u spell it Holly then she wont have to spell it to everyone when they need to write her name!
I like Holly best, but if you are looking for alternatives you could also try

I would leave Holly as is. It is a lovely name.

2 girls - 5 years, 2 years

I love the name Hollie Grace, that is what im seriously considering if my bub is a girl. That or Hollie Jayde. I prefer the spelling Hollie rather than Holly as it makes me think more of the name and less of the plant. Its pretty either way though, just an all-round gorgeous name.

my vote is for Holly, no reason other than it woks for me.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

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