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Which is better? Lock Rss

Im due to have a girl in Feb and DH and I are stuck on a few combinations of names!

Our DD#1's full name is Olivia Tahi Filippa Hudson if this helps you to match names together that work best!

Please tell me which u like best!

Maya Rua Aroha Hudson

Alliyah Rua Amira Hudson

Kiah Rua Chanel Hudson

Maya Rua Chanel Hudson

Aroha Rua Amira Hudson

Or any other combinations u can think of... but keep in mind Hudson is our surname and 'Rua' has to be used as a middle name, preferably 1st middle name but im willing to negotiate!
Our DD#1 has TAHI for her middle name which means number 1 in Maori, and so RUA means number 2... thats why Rua hasto be used!)
I like;
Amira Rua Maya Hudson.

Aroha Rua Amira Hudson

I love the name "Aroha" smile and it works with "Rua" grin
I think
Maya Rua Amira Hudson

Nothing to see here folks!!

My vote is for: Aroha Rua Amira Hudson

Being a 'Maori' thing I think Aroha Rua sounds to much like Rotarua or at least another NZ place. Personally....
I think you need to separate the 'oa,ua's' a little bit. Perhaps,

Maya Rua Aroha Hudson
Or Maya Rua Alliyah Hudson

Its a tough one - but lovely names...
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