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Now is Rory A Girl or Boys Name? Lock Rss

Hey Everyone
Hope all is well, and everyones little ones are well too!
Just wanted to find out people opinion on the name "Rory" if you think its a girls name or a boys name.... I kinda always thought it to be a girls name, just from the gilmore girls and that. But my Dad who lives in scotland tells me there it is a boys name, and i have noticed on home & away that there is a Rory and hes a boy.... so all opinions greatly appreciated!!!
I would consider it a unisex name.......
Rory was originally a boys name, but like many names has become a unisex name. Personally, I prefer it for a girls name though.

i lived in ireland for a year and rory is a common boys name there

I perceive it to be a boys name. And it rhymes with Dory(the fish) Sorry...

unisex to me....

hmmmm either i think!

But I guess I associate it more with boys.... really up to you!
I have only heard it as a boys name. I don't watch Gilmore Girls so didn't know there was a girl called that! Do you like Laurie or Tori? Anyway, I suppose Rory is Ok for a girl but I think I prefer it as a boy's name.

3 Gorgeous Girls!

Its a boys name to me, but my sister is in love with gilmore girls ( to the point she wne to the USA and went everywhere they did the shooting for the show and evern the exact loction its supposed to be.....mmm.....)

She has it down that she has first dibs on Rory for a girl, but she likes heroes now also, and wants the actresses name Hayden her girl name we tell her we are calling our next baby Hayden, but we will be having a suprise and when it comes out it will be Hayden either way!!She gets mad!!lol she is a long way off babys!!!

P.S there is a paticular reason the characters name is Rory!!?? I will have to ask her tommorrow and get back to you.

Ethan 31/7/05 baby due 2/8/09

Rory is a boy's name. On Gilmore Girls her name is Lorelei but because that's also the mother's name she get's called Rori as a nickname. I think it's pretty masculine sounding personally.
I think it's a boys name. My cousin called her daughter Rory and i think it just doesn't suit girls.

i think it is a boys name

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