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to find out the sex Lock Rss

should you find out or should you not
i'm peg with 2nd child and i really wanted to know what i was having as i'm 1st was a boy but this time round the baby would not open its legs (must b a girl waiting till see meets the right man) lol now i dont know what to buy! its a pain in the bum so i was wordering what other ppl thought about not knowing the sex of there child
in a way i think the day i have my baby i will be over the moon no matter what i get and very ext when i'm in labour i'll just keep thinking what is it !

Rebbecca mother of 1 and due on 17 jan

My bubs was the same would not let us see what it is, so we have to wait until it arrives. I would have liked to know the sex as finding baby clothes in neutral colours is not easy. I don't mind what I have as I have one of each already.

Nikki, Brissie, mum of 3,

Hi there,my hubby and i wanted to find out the sex of our unborn child (due 10/1/06) and unfortunatley our little one wouldnt let us see either.I think it's great to find out if thats what you want.Even though it's not always definate, it still helps with planning and preparation.Good luck in finding out.We are hoping next ultrasound bub wont be so shy.
We didnt find out for either of our girls. We wanted a surprise on the day as u know u are having a baby but its exciting to wonder what it will be.

U can find neutral clothes for when they are born especially at Target they have a good range.

Bianca, Emily 7/11/03 Jess 24/3/05 Thomas 12/6/07

We found out what our first was. We figured it would be a surprise either way (earlier or later). I was glad when we did as everyone had me so convinced we were having a boy that I would not have believed them when she came out. I did mean, however, that we go a LOT of pink things at the baby shower smile
Not sure what we will do next time round, there would definately be "something" about finding out when they are born.
i just found out last week i'm having a girl i'm so happy as we already have a boy (brock)
and our little princess will be named SHAYLEE

Rebbecca mother of 1 and due on 17 jan

This is our first baby! We were so sure we didnt want to know the sex, but as soon as we saw our little bub on the screen we had to know!
Im glade we did as it made it much easier to chose his name which is Tyler James.
I think it is such an exiting experiance to go through that knowing the sex has hightened the exitment for both myself and my partner.
It is a very personal choice and I am sure I will be just as excited to see my little man when he arrives as I would of been not knowing the sex!

mum to Tyler born 01/04/06 & Akaisha due 13/01/08

Hi Rebecca

I'm due for with our first in Mar 06. We both decided we didn't want to know the sex of our baby - and felt that it really isn't important. The important questions at the scans are is there a heart beat, is everything where it should be etc? The sex of the baby for us is not the important part and we both are looking forward to the end regardless of a boy or girl. I've found heaps of white new born stuff so haven't had any problems there.

If your baby won't open it's legs at the scan maybe that's a sign that you arn't supposed to find out yet.

Good luck with it all.

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