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Dont like name? Lock Rss

I am stressing already cause i can't think of any names i like. Does anyone know anyone or found themselves that they have named their child then regreted it? There are a few names i think are ok but i think no matter what i call my baby i will love it and couldn't imagine them being called anything else.

Im the same. I'm so confused. I think as time goes on you will find the right name, don't stress over it, not worth stressing at this stage.

This was a while ago, but when my Aunt had her final child (her fourth girl) she could not come up with a name she liked. They'd used them all up already for the first three! For over a month after she was born the baby was known only as "Agnes" until my Aunt and Uncle found a name they loved.

You may have the most perfect name picked out, but as soon as you see bub realise that the name doesn't suit. Take your time and write down all the names you like. Make a short list a month or so before bub is due and just wait and see if any suit the baby once its born.

Don't stress, it will come to you!

DH & I had the same problem for a long time.
Then when we would finally find names that we each liked, the other wouldn't.
When I was in labour we still hadn't agreed on a name.
But when DD was born and they asked what her name was, DH said "Ella" which has been my favourite name.

I don't know anyone who has regretted the name they chose.

Good Luck!

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