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Can't decide! Opinions please Lock Rss

For most of my pregnancy he have had both a boy and girl name picked out. Now with 8 days to go, we are tossing up between 2 names for both sexes! Opinions on which you like better would be appreciated.

Girl -

Isabelle Mackenzie
Mackenzie Jayde

Boy -

Connor James
Cody James.

There are no restrictions on the girls names, however concideration for the boys names have come down to -

Cody I am worried doesn't sound like a grown mans name. Cute for a kid, but does it extend to adult hood? Daddy loves it though.

Conner I love, but last name also has a "nn" in it.

Which ones do you like better?
Mackenzie Jayde is beautiful. As is Isabelle Mackenzie, but Isabelle is becoming very popular now. So if you dont want a name that everyone else has i would go with Mackenzie.

To me, i think of Cody as a girls name. Connor is a great name.
Hi Jaime,

You certainly have picked beautiful names - whichever way you go.

For the girls name I prefer Mackenzie Jayde. Mackenzie has such a nice sound to it.

For the boy it's toss a coin I reckon - both sound like top names. I don't think Cody is just a childs name, but then I do know a grown up Cody (he is 50+) & his name suits him down to the ground.

Good luck with your last week of pregnancy - let us all know what you decide to call your new addition.

Best Wishes

DS March 06 & DS July 2008 & Due Feb 2010

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