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need boys names! Lock Rss

im about to have a baby in 8 days and i need a name! i have a few in mind. someone with any ideas please help!


What sort of names are you thinking of?
We are calling our little boy Joshua, but we also like names like Andrew, Michael etc.
They are common, but I figure kids can't tease other kids about names like them at school! They will tease anyone for any reason these days!

Tracey, Joshua 08/01/06

My little man is called Lachlan and his middle name is Kyal (I wanted something, short and sweet in the middle). My nephews include: Riley, Regan, Callum, Kade, Tyson, Zayvia (pronounced Xavier), Zeidyn (pronounced Zey-din),Cian (pro-nounced Kee-an) and Jaymon.

Some other names I considered were Dylan, Elias, Elijah, Ethan, Tyler, Keegan and Kayden

Crystal, QLD, (Lachlan 4 May 2005, Liy 18 Oct 2007

Other names I considered

Aiden (means Fire)
Zachary (God Remembered)
Zeke (strength of God)
Kaelyn (young warrior)
Kyan or Kai

Crystal, QLD, (Lachlan 4 May 2005, Liy 18 Oct 2007

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