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Savannah Lock Rss

Do you like it?
I know someone wh called their ll girl Savannah...They call her Savvy for short...I love it! Its so girly

Mummy to 3 little goblins

Savannah and jacinda are 2 of my fave names in the world! Obviously not DH's otherwise my girls would have those names!!
Love it..
I LOVE it. I think it is sooooo pretty.

I like it

Really beautiful name!
Yes I like it too! Don't think my DH would.

I love it! Especially love the nickname Savvy, as some one said above.
I would have used it for DD, but DH is into cars, and his favourite being a Mazda RX3 Savannah - he didnt like the idea that his girl was named after a car...

HOWEVER, turns out that Riley was a make of car in the 1950s!! Quite ironic really, and now I want to continue the trend by naming future babies after cars (dunno how Im gunna get that past DH!) So Savannah is definitely on the list!
I love it!!!!! It's top on my list for girls names
I love the name, but I wouldn't call my baby it (DH def wouldnt like it).
I really like it and it is getting more popular, I know two girls under 1 yr old named Savannah. It's a very pretty, girly name

I love the name and wanted to name DD Savannah, but DH said it was a strippers name and then on "My Name is Early" shortly before she was born, there was a stripper in there named Savannah, and most men I've spoken to have felt the same way about it so no man I've asked, has liked the name:-(

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