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I think i Have chosen a name =] Lock Rss

well.. in the beginning i always wanted to call my bub
Skylar is she was a girl, and now that i dont have to
worry about what my babies dad thinks i have decided i will
go ahead with it and call her
Skylar Jane Symes,

its possible i could change my mind. but i did fall in love with this name, then went to Jayla as my ex and i could agree on that. But i didnt like the idea of Jayla Jane lol.
either way im doubling up somewhere
but... do you think its a problem that her first and last name start with the same letter? thats all im worried about
really. as thats my last name not my ex's and i dont want to change it to his last name as he made it clear the other night he doesnt want to be anything to her.
his exact words, no, i Am Nothing, F**k off now, goodbye.

lovely he is.
I don't think it's an issue if your baby's first and last names start with the same letter!

Yeah I think it would be more of an issue if you called the baby Simon or Simone or something that was very similar to your surname iykwim?

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it will be alright my first and last name both start with s or I have ss or sms with middle

I was thinking the same, our last name starts with R and I like a few "R" names for our little man but my hubby and some other friends thinks it sounds funny...

Emily 08/02, Kayla 07/04 & Jeremy 02/08


My intials are CC. I don't think thers a problem with having them the same.

I don't think that a problem and it's a pretty name..
My DD middle name has same Initial RKK... Skylar Symes is nice.
nah doesn't matter !
i'm s.l.s
my bro is s.r.s
my niece is s.m.s

it's never fased any of us ! lol

MUM TO RJ 28 10 03 & EJ 23 07 06

I dont think it matters it is not like they can make anything out of her initials. My first and last name had the same BCB and it changed when I got married to BCO. I think it is a pretty name.


hey everyone i hadn't checked this in awhile
but thanks for all ur replies, its good to hear that alot
of u have matching letters, i feel better now lol.

thanks again i am 99% sure of the name now,
ok well thats a really nice name. my daughters name is skyla. and her middle name is may. except i spelt skyla name different to yours. i was thinking of spelling it that way but dp like the way it was spelted the other way.

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