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phoenix or xavier... Lock Rss

Hello everyone
I need some advice which name do you prefer..
Phoenix Xavier or
Xavier phoenix......
Or neither heheheheheheh..
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
xavier pheonix !!!

good luck !

MUM TO RJ 28 10 03 & EJ 23 07 06

I would do it
Xavier Phoenix
Cause the X's will be at opposite ends of the name.
Xavier Pheonix for sure. I LOVE Xavier as a name.

<img src=""> wid

Xavier Phoenix
Thanks girls.. for your advice..
I hope you all are well.....
I think u read my mind and stole my names hehehe..I love them both!!! Phoenix Xavier sounds better to me thought most have opted for the of luck!!

my friends have boys ones named phoenix and the other xavier lol but 2 different families...

Sorry... neither. Don't forget your child will have this name for his entire life.
Phoenix Xavier, I think it flows better and Phoenix is more unusual- I like unusual names.

Lou say Phoenix is more common

Personally, I think both of them are very bold and different names, and i like them on their both own, but i think that together they could be a bit much... (especially having 5 syllables all up!) and even more so if you have a long or complex last name (although if your surname is smith or johns or something it could work quite well!)

Have you thought about using one or the other with a short middle name? like jay or lee or jack or neil or sam or alec or hugh or dean or max or joel or ross or reid or jake...?
... you get the idea - i guess it all depends what your taste in names is!

Happy name choosing!
hope that helped!

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