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Which spelling Amy or Aimee? Lock Rss

We have finally decided on Amy/Aimee but cannot agree on which spelling to use. We have quite a tricky surname and therefore my DS thinks we should use Amy as she shouldn't have to spell out her first name and last name! I really like Aimee though. What do you think? She could come at any time so your opinions would be greatly appreicated!
Thanks Bec

I like the spelling Amy, it's a really nice name.

I like the name also, but DH is not interested.

I would go with the classic spelling of Amy - especially if your last name is a little tricky!

All the best.


I prefer Aimee... it may sound absolutlely rediculous, but i just think it looks prettier.

I think she is most likely going to have to spell it to people regardless of which spelling you have. Like you have shown, there are a couple of different ways for the name to be spelt (and both are used as commonly as the other), and anyone who doesnt know her is going to have to question how it is that HER name is spelt.

Hope that makes sense ?????!!!!

Hi there I like Aimee also

I have an unusual first and last name and I have always had to spell it so I wouldnt worry to much about that
Good luck with it all

Hi, I like Aimee also.

Emily 08/02, Kayla 07/04 & Jeremy 02/08

I would definitely go with AMY! I think if a name has an obvious spelling you may as well use it and make life easier. I think AMY still looks very pretty!! Good Luck with her!

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

my little sister in law (she is 8) is AMY. And her Mum still has to spell it all the time. It really doesnt matter you will end up spelling it out smile

I agree - Everyone gets asked how to spell their names these days so it doesn't really matter.

Maybe you could wait until baby is born and then decide which spelling fits her personality? You just "know".
We had a name picked out for our DD when she was born, but she didn't suit it at all... so she was nameless for four days until we came up with Layla-Mei.

My cousin is Aimee-Jae which I think is so pretty. gasp)

My name is Amy, and i really like having it spelled that way - in over 20 years, i've only ever been how asked to spell it once - most people presume that it's A-M-Y. The fact that they always get it right makes it nice and easy smile But the traditional French Aimee is very pretty too... Some other spelling's i've seen are: [item] Amie [/item][item] Ami [/item][item] Amee ... but personally i think these could get a little confusing! Hope that helps! ~Amy[/item]
Thanks everyone for your opinions, it was also handy having an Amy respond! I think we will figure it out when she is born and I will be sure to share our decision with you all.
Bec x

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