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You know who you are I think you go by MKV or something along the lines of that, you went into huggies, took a whole heap of names which you thought the spellings have been "Slaughtered" as you said to start a thread in another forum called baby names world. NOT HAPPY Some people have different spellings for many reasons. My girls names were used in this thread also

Tayah Jaine. You said that Tayah looks better as Tea and the reason I spelt it like the way you pronounce it is so that SHE WILL BE CALLED EXACTLY WHAT HER NAME IS, Tea reminds me of TIA! Jaine is because my mum is Jane and my cousin is Jayne so we changed it so it is not the same.

Kailey Hanna elexus. My other daughter, Kailey is actually a common way to spell her name, Hanna because the h on the end is not needed and I didnt want a h on the end if Tayah's was aswell. Elexus because my best friend also liked the name and we decided to use different spelling so we didnt have the same name.

I am absolutely outraged at the way you think this is funny to go onto the post where people are putting their childrens names for other people to look at and use if they wish. You are stealing these names to make fun of and there is no reason to. I honestly recommend all mothers to look at this site and go and look in the message board incase your names have been abused also. There are 6 siblings that have been used. Go into the girls names and it is on page three and for some reason says New Zealond siblings WDYT or something along the lines of that AND NO I AM NOT FROM NZ SO OBVIOUSLY THIS PERSON IS A LIAR....

Hi Amber-87,

I just had a look at that website you mentioned and can't believe that they put our girls names down as "oh my god - why would their parents do it" when you should see some of the girls names that they have mentioned on their site.

They are:


And the lists go on and on....

I think that it is the women on this website who need to really take a look at the names they are planning on calling their children!!

Hey Kristy. I don't mind what they call their kids. I am not in it to bitch, I am just in it to make sure that these parents of the children they are making fun of, know exactly what is going on about their children. And the lady who showed me this site (I am not sure if you want your username mentioned) A big THANKYOU to you smile It was very kind of you and it's nice to see that huggies mummies can stick together. This is not fair of this person and they need to grow up. Seriously they do.

Kristy their is nothing wrong with our kids names and I am sure you have had also, like I have, many comments on how pretty your girls names are smile


hehe that was meant to say i am not in it to B.I.T.C.H!

But it put the **** up!
[Edited on 15/02/2008]

You're completely right. Every parent is entitled to call their children what they want. Everyone has their own opinion on different names - just keep it to yourself!!

Yep, whenever anyone asks me what my girls names are, they always say how pretty the names are. Have even had one guy say to us that they are the names that the 'cool' kids at school would be called (???). I love my girls names and don't really care what other people think (well obviously I do if I'm writing this but I wouldn't change their names for the world).

Kristy this is what I was just told from this lovely lady who has told me all about this:

Also, because babynamesworld does not need sign ups or special access to view the forums this MKZ has now made that thread instantly googable and it is the first hit for some of your ladies kids names.

Kristy isn't that awful, go and google your childrens names, I did, I googled my eldests first and middle name and that was the first link. I was devastated that this lady has done this. It is more than not caring, it is infuriating to think someone can do this to someone they don't even know. I think we should contact a moderater now (I know it wont help heaps, but a BIT) just to ask if this forum can only be viewable to people who have signed up. Otherwise anyone can view it all.

I feel sorry for the people who had their kids names mentioned, but that stuff happens all the time on the internet unfourtnatley, I wouldn't be surprised if your kids names show up on more message boards . :

In this day and age, if you publish your child's name on the internet, or in the news paper, there is a 95% chance that it will be posted on the internet on a baby names site for people to review. It sucks, but that's just the way it is. :
I've never posted the names we like on this forum, nor do I have any children yet, but I did have a look at that website and I am disgusted that someone would do that. I can't see why it is anyone else business to comment on how you choose to spell your childrens names, and naming a child isn't an easy task, obviously you choose a name you like, not one you purposely think will be horrible. I don't know who this person thinks they are critisizing people for their personnal choices, GRRRRRR makes me angry!!

Such is will always be criticised for your choices and your kids names is just one of them. Sad but true.

Dont worry about some whack job on the internet who takes something on one site and posts on another. Why couldnt they criticise here - because they are pathetic and weak.

One of my kids has a name most people roll their eyeballs at but I dont give a rats and neither should you. Not about some nameless, faceless person on the net anyway.

Some people will have seen that thread and thought the OP was right YUCK to the spelling of those names and others will have thought 'I Love It' and I will use it on my own child...

ETA~you also DO NOT need to explain your choices to anyone. You have your reasons for the spelling and its no one elses]
[Edited on 15/02/2008]
How Sad that this has happened Amber! I think that your girls names are beautiful! And Everyone spells names differently to make their kids unique! I think some people are jus that pathetic that they have nothing better to do with their time than pick on other people! I'm sure they would have been the bullies at school!

Don't worry about what they think! The main thing is that you love your girls names!!
xx Nic

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Hi, I had a look at the above mentioned and are you sure she was bagging them out? I am not 100% sure...maybe I just didn't read right but a there was a few comments saying they liked those names. And that "NZ Sibset" thing was a different topic from the "awful names/how could you post". I don't know, maybe she has seen this thread and edited it but I didn't think it read that bad...

3 Gorgeous Girls!

Amber-87, I really like the name Tayah, and the way you spelt it, I would have spelt it the same way. And also TEA reminds me of a cup of tea.
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