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Desperately in need of help!!! Lock Rss


I have 2 gorgeous girls, Keira (3 1/2 yrs) & Tara (12mths) and pregnant with our 3rd (due in June) and really really need help with some girls names!!

The boys names we have chosen are either:

Jye/Jai (fav at the moment - Kye with a J) or

Some girls names chosen are:

Bree (DH fav)

Can anyone give me their opinion or some other pretty girls names that will go with Keira & Tara?

Also what spelling would you use for Jye/Jai?


I really like the name Jai, though I do think it does sound a bit 'gay', thought not that I think there's anything wrong with being gay or anything. I've only ever heard the name Jai twice, once on a gay guy at at my work and the other as the name of one of the gay guys on Queer Eye For The Straight Guy so that could be it lol. I would spell it Jai as it's a lot nicer.

While Bailey is used on boys, every year there have been many more girl Baileys then boy Baileys. Bailey peaked in 1997 when there were 5022 girls named Bailey and and 2294 boys named Bailey. Last year there were 2948 girls named Bailey and just 362 boys named Bailey, so unfourtunatley it's likely that people would assume Bailey is a girl and he could be teased in school for having a girl's name.

Bree and Tenille are both beautiful names though! Gemma is nice but not really my style.
Hey! I definately think that Jye looks better like JYE! So that way it looks how it sounds if you know what I mean smile I LOVE all of your girls names! They're all on our lists and always have been smile Good luck with everything and remember the only think that matters is if YOU like it smile Xoxo Amber.

I like it spelt JYE also.

What about for a girl ELORA then they all have the a sound at the end of there names and elora is a pretty name or azura or azora.

Hello smile

I like it spelt Jye, i love the name.

My sisters name is Tenielle and everyone loves her name. Some other girls names are:


AKA Chante

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