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Are they too similar?? Lock Rss

We've decided on a girls name that we both love (and have loved with both our previous pregancies too) but don't know if it is too similar to our other two girls names.

The name we like is Kiah. Our other 2 girls names are Keira and Tara.

What do you think??

Run all 3 together as if you are calling them.....I think you will find it a bit of a tongue twister LOL

Keira Kiah are very similar when said aloud...

Are you saying it kEEah or kYah???
[Edited on 18/02/2008]
Thanks for your opinion.

We would be pronouncing it kYah.

We just cant agree on any other girls names. The other 'maybe' names are Bree & Zoe.

it depends what way u are saying it... Keyah or kyah??? my little girls name is kiah said kYah but everone seems 2 call her kEYah

kiah tarni 05/07/07

HI, yeh... sorry they are a bit close. We are having the exact same trouble but I guess its normal to like names similar to ones you have already picked, having said that Kiah is a gorgeous name! We really loved the name Nevaeh until we realised it just sounded like both our girls 'Evie' and 'Maya' together!! LOL! Zoe is on my list as well!

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

Forgot to add i really like the name when pronounced that way.....very pretty

I was pronouning it Keeah, but said Kiah its not as tongue twisty when run with the other names.

You have chosen lovely names, I like all 3 of them..
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