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Naming subsequent babies Lock Rss

Has anyone had difficulty finding names for their second (or more) baby? For our first the name is one I chose 9 years ago, but we just cannot settle on anything for this one.
My DP and I had our DS name picked from the very start, a girls name and a boys name. This time around I'm 18 weeks, and I have been searching for a name I like for about 10 of those weeks, and still no luck. I think its because I like the name I picked for my son so much that nothing measures up to it. But I am determined and I'm sure I'll find that perfect name.

2 handsome boys- what more could I want

We're having issues find a name for a boy - this is our #1
We are not sure what we are having. We've had the girls name picked out of quite some time now...its a really pain in the butt i reckon.


Because DD's name is so different its been really hard to find a name that it just as unusual as hers that we both like. it seems silly to have an unusual name and a common name.

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