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Hi everyone,
I've just found out we're having baby #2. We're hoping for a boy...I'd like to name him Riley, but our last name is the two "r"'s go together???
I think it sounds good. The more I say it the more it goes together. Its not like it is a tongue twister

2 handsome boys- what more could I want

It's not my favourite, but ii'm not a big fan of the repeating names in general... It always sounds to me like a cartoon character! (think Roger Ramjet, Clark Kent, Betty Boop, Ronald MacDonald, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse....etc)

But don't despair if you have your heart set on it - it doesn't sound as silly as most of those examples! So i think you could get away with it...
Does sound a little funny to me, sorry..

Riley is very popular now.

Hi - I dont think it sounds funny.
I do like Riley for a boy. I also have a niece called Riley. Have also heard the name Ripley used lately.
I have an Ethan already and would like an Eli, so maybe I am biased!

I love it. And although I am biased on the first name, I think they sound perfect together
I think it sounds fine.

Proud Mummy

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