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Jye or Jai Lock Rss

Hi girls,

I'm now 25 weeks preg with our 3rd. Already have 2 girls and not sure what we will be having this time (prob another girl!).

We really like the name Jye for a boy but stuck on spelling. Hubby likes it spelt Jai but I think that that sounds & looks like Jay so think it should be Jye.

Can I please have some opinions on how you would spell Jye - Jai or Jye.

Thanks heaps!!
I like Jye

AKA Chante

wow - this is EXACTLY what I went through and I chose Jye because I thought Jai looked like jay, but people still say, how do you pronounce that??

I say Jye, cause the other does look like Jay.



That is exactly what I thought!

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