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what do u think we wanna use this as a boy or girls name depending on the what sex we are having.
Sounds very much like a boys name to me - not sure about using it for a girl??

My little girl is growing up!

Hello Hayden is the name i have chosen if i have a lil girl that was what i was gonna call ds if he was a girl 2 i think it goes will for boy or girl but love it much more for a girl smile

the way i justify using hayden as a girls name is from tehactress from heros (claire the cheerleader) tahts her name cant pronounce the last name but i like and hubby likes
I love Hayden on a girl, Hayden Panettiere isn't the only girl with the name, it's gained popularity in America as a girl's name recently as you can see here.

Bryce is also nice on a girl, I know theres an actress called Bryce Dallas Howard

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is there a girlier way to spell it as i love it for a girls name but i dont really like the spelling?
Maybe Haiden? Looks more feminine... But using Hayden Bryce looks like a boy, sorry but she'll be teased at school for having a boys name...
I dont think she will be teased lots of once boys names are now unisex dylan,cameron,dale i think it is more excepted and kids will actually think it is cool:)

im gonna go Hayden Jayde as jade is my middle name but i like the y in both names think it looks great

I just LOVE Hayden, but I prefer it for a boy.
But hey it's your choice, its a lovely name either way!

Mum to Hayden (21mths) and Brodie (10wks)

Hayden Bryce is nice on a boy or a girl.
Love the name Hayden for a boy
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