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I want your opinions Lock Rss

Hi ladies
My partner and I were out yesterday and thought of a boys name that I dont hear too often.


Its sort of stuck in our heads now, we kind of like it.

I'm just wondering your opinions and views and if you know of any more original names boys or girls

Oh and 1 more thing before I forget have you got any suggestions on middle names that will go with 'Jarvis"
(I get forgetful when I'm pregnant, how bout you?)


Sonia, Mikayla & Bump

Sonia QLD Mikayla 8.10.04 & edd 1.05.06

Hi Sonia

I really like the name Jarvis and when I read your post the first name that popped in to my head was

Jarvis Adam

I've no idea why but it just seemed to flow. Obviously it depends on your surname too but I thought that sounded good.

As to being forgetful, it just seems to have crept up on me a little (I'm 19 weeks), but hey, people make allowances!!!!

Good luck

i quite like it as to middle names how about john or richard

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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