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I have 4 weeks till im due to give birth to our second son and my fiancee, Steven, and i cant agree on any names!! Everyname i like he hates and he wont even make suggestions.

His middle name will be Phillip after my father in law as we named our first son Joseph Robert after my father.

I am going bonkers Steven only takes the time to suggest stupid names cos he thinks that he is funny!!

The bubs Last name will be Way and he is suggesting names like:

Cause way
Give Way
Gowa Way


Please help!

Reidena mum 2 Joseph-2 3/4 and Harrison 2weeks

how about Anthony? goes well with his brothers name and with Philip

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

how about;

Geta Way
Throwa Way
Curdesn Way

LOL My parter n I like ur partners suggestions, lol we got a laugh out of it.

If you didn't already have a middle name the boy could be called;
All The Way.

Good luck choosing a name smile

amanda nsw mum of 2 preg with 3rd

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