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need a girls pretty name Lock Rss

Hello my name is Lisa and i am due on 25th Feb 06 with a girl. We can't decide on a girls name. We both love Sienna although i have a step daughter named Savannah so it is a little too close. If anyone can think of any names that you think we might like i would really appreciate it.

lisa - bris #Siarra 21/2/06 #2 Abbey 30/9/07

If we have another girl, we will name her either Eden or Holly. Both are pretty girly names smile
how about Lily, Abbey, Lauren,

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Lisa.
I love India Rose or Indiana. As i have boys i dont think i can use this name. But i love it iys just so pretty

kym,nsw,2 yr old with new bub

My daughters name is Alexis Mackenzie. We wanted something strong but still feminine. We love it. If this next baby is a girl then she'll be Zoe Ashlyn.
Our son's name is Declan Hamish.
We love them but of course that doesn't mean you have to!!!
Hi Lisa, I have a friend that has 4 girls and one of them is named sienna, but the other 3 also have equally beautiful names. They are Tian, Sheleya and Matisse. I think they are all beautiful. My other fav names are Roxee (my daughters name), Riley, Piper and Mackenzie. I really love the name Matisse though. I hope I helped

Mel,WA,4yr,1yr, expecting


do you think Harper is a girl or boy name?

Sam, SA and Arielle 1 month

Emerald Rose

rhonda,5 children

Hi Lisa,
I don't think that those 2 names are too close sounding! If you both really love the name then I think you should use it!

My little girl is Gemma, and if this next one is a girl we are going to call her Amber. I also like Jayde. Something about rocks for me!!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

I love the name Harriet smile

i am currently pregnant with a boy so i can offer you the girls name i had. Jorja. Good luck.

Me 24 hubby 25 Mikki 8 trystahn 17months Kyahn 10

hi congrats, for a baby girl i think taleah is a beautiful name it's a real girly name as well,

well good luck on the name search,i hope eveything goes well


cassie,qld,6wk baby

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