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I know its early but.... Lock Rss

so far for a girl i like

Hayden Jayde
Cameron Brucee
Scarlett Rain

and boys i like

Pheonix .....

What do u think so far it has to go with Dexter

[Edited on 13/04/2008]

Love Ashton and Scarlett. They would be my favourites.
With the exception of Scarlett, your girl names sound like boy names to me! I'm obviously not down with the trendy, new, hip names!

Ashton is my fave of the bunch.
When I hear the names Cameron & Hayden I think of a boy, but that's just me and then again the are so many names these days that can be either sex.

My picks would have to be Scarlett for the girl and Ashton for the Boy.

Cameron as in Cameron DiaZ
and Hayden as in Hayden panettirie(spell check)

I think they are uni sex names

Hayden and Cameron are both unisex names, if anyone tells you they are boy names you can just politely correct them and inform them they are unisex names that can be used on boys and girls.

A while ago people associated names like Kimberly and Tracy (both technically unisex) with boys but now they are all girl to most people, most unisex names start off on boys before becoming more popular on girls - both names are already gaining popularity on girls (partially thanks to Miss Diaz and Miss Panetierre lol) and eventually most people will probably think of Hayden and Cameron was girls name.

I don’t like Scarlett Rain sorry, I don’t like the name Scarlett because it starts with ‘scar’ that isn’t very nice and she might be called Scarlet the Harlot by bullies. I don’t think it goes great with Rain either, Scarlett Rain sounds a bit like like a pop song (like Purple Rain lol)

Is Ayriel said like Ariel/Arielle? If it is I would spell it like this for spelling/pronounciation reasons.

I would spell Pheonix the ‘proper way’ which is Phoenix, I think it will be a lot easier for your boy that way as he won’t have to correct people all the time. Also I think it doesn’t look right when you respell a name that comes from an actual word like Phoenix, it looks more like a misspelling rather than a respelling sorry.

Ashton is really cool, but it’s also a bit more formal which is good, it’s also quite timeless so it won’t be dated in 20 years.

Bryon is okay, it’s kinda dull tho. Phoenix and Ashton are way better.

My favorites are Cameron for a girl and Ashton for a boy : )
For girl Scarlett and Cameron & for boy Ashton and Byron.
Dexter and Scarlett sounds very cute!

Prue x

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