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dilemma with our girl name Lock Rss

Our second baby is due in October and we have worked out our boy name and thought we had finally decided on our girls name...
"Isla Martine"
but then realised it spelt out IslaM.
Love the Isla and have decided to carry on Martine which is my middle name.
Any ideas on a different spelling for Isla or any ideas on an equally beautiful unique name (preferably 2 syllables)

i really dont think it would matter.... who would notice? (aside from you guys) someone would have to be be paying a lot of attension, and run her name all together.... If it was her surname it would be a little more noticable...

I think it is a lovely name smile


ummmmm you could spell it Izlah hope that helps its all i could think of let me know how ya go xx goodluck

I don't think many people would notice. But you could spell it Islah. that way you can break up the IslaM without changing the pronounciation.

2 handsome boys- what more could I want


Mumma of 3.

I honestly don't think anyone would notice.. But I agree with a PP, Islah looks great!

Good luck, Prue x

I think putting a H on the end really does make it look like it's pronounces IZZLA, when I am assuming it's Eye-la? (Isla is our family name and 90% of people still read it as Izzla!)

What about maybe Iylah?

Or could you have 3 names? Like Isla ____Martine? A short sounding name in the middle will still sound nice.

3 Gorgeous Girls!

I love Isla, it was one of the names on my shortlist! I wouldn't worry too much about spelling Isla M - it's not often you see names written like that anyway.
Not sure how else you could spell it - maybe Eisla or Aisla? Might get pronounciation probs then tho! I have a niece called Ailish (pronounced Eh-lish) and DP thought Isla sounded too similar so it's out for us sad

Wow thanks everyone for all your helpful input!

I've loved the spelling Ilah ever since I heard the song of the same name.
I also used to know an Ayla

I don't think you should mess with Isla. It's pretty just as it is.

I'd either just ignore the Isla M. issue (and make sure bank accounts etc were in her full name rather than first name, initial). Or I'd include a 2nd middle name like Isla Kate Martine or something simple that doesn't take away from the pretty name you already picked!
hi hotskies I love the name! have sent you a pm!!

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