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Middles names for Lacey ...... ? Lock Rss

Hi, our baby girl is due in August & we love the name Lacey but are really stuck on a middle name to go with it. Our other two girls are Jaida Danae and Ameli Blu, so I'd like it to be something really pretty but still unique (last name is Carter).

Afew that have made it to the short list are:

Lacey Mia
Lacey Belle
Lacey Jewel
Lacey Ali
Lacey Ava
Lacey Charlize

Would REALLY appreciate your opinions or suggestions ...

Thanks! smile
[Edited on 26/04/2008]

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

off the short list i like Lacey Jewel as i prefer the one syllable middle names as i feel it flows better.

I also like

Lacey Paige
Lacey Jade

Just wanted to say that you have chosen a beautiful name.
We are expecting #2 in September and if we have a girl we have also chosen the name Lacie. Her midddle name will be Rose after my DH late mum who passed away just before we had our son 2 years ago.

Good luck with it all

Sheree, QLD Dylan 3/6/06 & Heath 5/9/08

I like Lacey Jewel. I also like Lacey Amira Carter. Amira means Princess.
I really like Lacey Jewel the best, it seems to flow much nicer than the other names.

3 Gorgeous Girls!

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