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whats wrong with tyler? Lock Rss

Hi All, my partner and I are expecting our first baby in Feb - a little boy. We're pretty set on naming him Tyler but when people ask if we have any names picked and we tell them, they just sort of politely nodd and say oh yeah, or we get asked point blank are you sure you want to call him that? Is there something about the name Tyler I'm not aware of?
I think it is a lovely name. I have found it is best not to tell friends and relatives what you are considering as someone always has something negative to say. As long and you and your partner like the name then you should go for it.

I agree, it's a great name. we had the same prob, we were thinking of naming our boy (due in feb) Jayden and the first thing people said was "like Jaiden Leiskie, the little boy who was tragically killed" We got sick of it and changed to Noah.
We have chosen Tyler to be the name of our baby boy. I have had all positive responses from people, they all seem to love the name as much as we do.

Dont worry what other peoples comments are though, as it is a beautiful name and one that you have to live with not them.

mum to Tyler born 01/04/06 & Akaisha due 13/01/08

I have to agree its best not to reveal a name until they are born.

We had decided on 'Tyson' for our second son but when we told people we also found we got a bad reaction and when someone said it reminded them of a rapist (Mike Tyson) that turned me off it fullstop.

When we came to agree on 'Jayden' I told my mum but noone else as I didn't want people's opinions.

As for the name 'Tyler' I think it and am not aware of any negative associations with it.

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

My partner and i really like the name tyler for a boy aswell. We are due to have a baby at the end of Feb or start of March and when we told my aunty that we liked tyler for a boy all she said was my friend has a tyler and he gets called roofie instead of being called tyler......So now we don't know if we like it as much...

Emma 19, Bailey Matthew 16/02/2006

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