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Opinions On My Girls Names Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

We are expecting our first child in Sept and are currently stuck for a girls hoping I can get some help!

The following names have been mentioned as they are my favourites although my husband is not too keen at this stage!



The middle name will be either Lainie, Erica or Elizabeth as they are in the family.

What do you think?
Hey there,
I was stuck on a girls name too although i was lucky enough to find out yesterday i am having a boy , but here's what i had...
Jaida is really nice too !!!
...from wendy...



I think that they are really pretty names.

I like Jaida (Jayda?) Elizabeth.

Good luck!
Amarli Elizabeth and Jaida Elizabeth would both be nice I think.
i tink they are both beautiful x

I LOVE Amarli, gorgeous name.

Jaida is very pretty too.

Nice choices you have there

Hi anbs13!

I may be a little bias but I LOVE both those names ... my two girls are Jaida Danae & Amali Blu.

Good luck!

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

Amarli is gorgeous......
im highly contemplating naming my girl Jada so im a bit biased on that one.
Amarli Jaida would be a really gorgeous name! and very sophisticated too.

I agree both names are very nice! with Elizabeth as the middle name..

I luv Jaida Elizabeth... n Amarli Erica sounds gr8 to smile wat best suits ur surname??? goodluck
I love Amali as I am a bit biased to as my daughter is Amahlya I also have Dakota and Kiana but love Jaida to

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