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Really stuck on names Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I am 34 weeks pregnant and am having a girl the father will not agree on any names i have chosen which are Kayla, Talia and Holly i also need a middle name as well. Her last name will be Jones. I really need to find a name before January 28th could someone please help me with other girls names.

Danielle, Vic
I like all the names you've picked - particularly Kayla. Here's a few more: Madison, Bailey, Isabella, Olivia, Mia, Grace, Rose, Rhianna, Siobhan, Riah, Jayla (stole this one from another huggies post!!) Ada, Bryana.

Don't know if they appeal but it might kick start some other ideas. Or u could try They have pages and pages upon pages and includes the meanings.

Have fun!!
My husband and i have argued over names, until we decided that it wasn't a topic we were allowed to discuss at home! It is the hardest thing. At the baby shower we played a name game, and my husband and i shortlisted names from there. We also agreed that it was ok if the baby was born and went a few days without a name. This way we could see what he was going to look like and test run a few names in our own time. Fortunately, we both loved a name that was suggested at the baby shower. We hadn't thought of it before, but it really stood out from the others in the 94,000 name book! Have faith that it will just come to you. good luck


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