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Macey ? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Just wanted some opinions on how you would spell Macey. I've seen a variety of different ways:


Leaning towards Macey, but DH isn't too sure about the "e". He's finally agreed to this name so I'm hoping to work out the spelling soonish.

Also, any suggestions on a middle name? I have a long last name so wasn't too sure. (My DD's name is Sophie May)

Thanks for the help girls. smile]
[Edited on 10/06/2008]

Hi love the name id go with spelling it Macy... how about Grace, Rose, Joy, Louise, Jade, Kate for a middle name. thats just a few that come to mind hope they help:)

That's a pretty name!! I like Macie - its just a bit different. And I agree that Macie Rose sounds very pretty.

Good luck...
I like it spelt Macee or Macie but I like different spellings good luck with your choice.

Hi girls,

Thanks a lot for your replies! Some great suggestions, and I'm now leaning towards Macie, it seems to be a bit more feminine than Macey.

Love the idea of Macie Rose!! My middle name is Louise so not sure how DH would feel about that. My sis's middle name is Kate so could go with that for a 'family tie'.

Anyway, thanks again. You've definitely helped! smile]

Hey my newest girl is Macey Nevaeh. My first is Kaili May (some similarities. lol) The way I got DH around to my way of spelling Macey (he liked Macy) was I got a bracelet made up for her (one for Kaili too) with her name on it but spelt my way. No turning back then. He likes it now. Lol. Macie Louise sounds gorgeous though. Good luck with everything. xx

Hi there,

After finally getting thru to DH that the spelling should be Macey he came home from work and said that some of the girls at work think Macie is better, so now he's leaning towards that!! Hello, doesn't the wife's opinion count over his workmates?? lol

Thanks for your reply. Love that you chose Macey Nevaeh. Louise is also my middle name so not too sure on that one yet.

After all this trouble, I bet I end up having a son. lol smile]

It's a guy thing lol. I like the sound of Macey Rose. Suits a baby as well as an adult. And as for Louise as a middle name I guess it depends if you like your middle name or not. What about Macey Eloise?

2 handsome boys- what more could I want

I like Macie.
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