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NAMES!! Lock Rss

Hi, I'm really stuck, I want to have another baby... In the future but my partner won't stop saying "I don't like that name" He doesn't like anything I like and I'm really sick of it. I'd like help on both boys and girls names, first and second names. My daughter is named Tayah Jaine.

Hmmm my hubby did the same when i was pregnant. I gave him a baby names book and said here you go, let me know what you DO like and then we went from there...and chose something we both liked. It was a good way to make him feel more involved in the pregnancy too.
A friend of mine is pg with her 3rd and every baby she has said to her hubby, i have to give birth to it so i get to choose the name. Charming hey! How rude ! You both have to live with the name for life !

My little man is due for a feed so i will have a think of some names for you and come back soon smile

Take care.
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