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Boys name? Lock Rss

I have the following picked out;

1. Lucian Agus
2. Lucius Agus
3. Rykus Agus
4. Connor Hawk

But I am so unsure about which one and because of that I know it will be a boy.
We had picked No. 4. before our first child was born but I wasnt to keen on it, but now Im thinking it may be the better.
I like No. 3. but We also had a cat named Rykus, so I am forever thinking about him when I say it.

The girls name was easy

Taya Maree

and was even freakier as my partner picked it and then one arvo clearing the yard of sticks to mow he found a tennis ball that had that Taya on it.

I was hoping people could vote on what they like or perhaps suggest some others.

My two daughters are Brianna Storm, and Sadira Mae.

Jade; Brianna10/12/98; Sadira30/3/04; Rykus1/1/06

I quite like Lucian. I think it's meaning 'Man of Light' sounds very strong. I think you a wise not to use a pets name - I wish we hadn't used my favoutie girls name on my dog (Mabel) but now Mabel will always belong to a beautiful cocker spaniel!

Hope this helps.

I like Lucius. I have never come across Agus before. What is the meaning? We have chose Jesse Cale for our boy. It is so hard finding a good name that you both like.

Rochelle, Brisbane, 1st baby due 02/06

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