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One syllable names Lock Rss


My son's name is Kai and our sirname is 9 letters long (3 syllables).

My DH and i are currently TTC # 2 and we can't seem to come up with another boys name. Girls names are much easier.

We are after a single syllable boys name or just a short boys name so he won't suffer all his life with filling in forms etc with a ridiculously long name!

It is especially important to me as my maiden name is Gray, with my first name being 8 letters long it was ok, but now my married name is 9 letters long I have big trouble!! I want to save him the trouble.

Any girls name suggestions would be great too!

I love unusual names, and my family are scottish, my husbands are welsh and english.

Hope you can help!

Elle, DS: Kai 20/11/04 & DS: Jamie 13/02/07

I can think of Leigh, Brett, Dean, Jack and Jay which are not unusal but also Jai, Jet, Jem, Beau, Brock, Guy, Heath, Kirk, Jed, Keir and Blair. Hope these suggestions help! Good luck TTC.

How about Jaik,Blake,Trey, Tye, Kain, Bo, Sam, Reese, Chaz, Luke or Jay. Or for a girl Eve, Fran, Hope or Taz

Mumma of 3.

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