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Need help with girls name Lock Rss

Hi every 1,
My name is Deb, I need help with a girls name. I have 2 boys & a girl.I have a Katelyn Paige.I'm due 6th May,any help would be apreciated smile
I hope that all the mums 2b are well :)Take care & i hope to see a few names on here. xox

Deb QLD mum of 4 Emelia Grace 6/5/06

Hi Deb,
My name is Karina, im 18 (but will be 19 when bubs is born) and 16 weeks pregnant with baby no1. Hope your pregnancy is going well. I started looking at baby names early on and really like Hailee Jade, Charlize, Lara and Ailani for girls. Although if we have a boy the only name we have picked out so far is Isaak so if you have any suggestions for a boy i would be very grateful.
Hope i have been a little bit helpful. Talk soon smile

Hi all,

I really like the names alira and kayla for girls but my partner wont let me have them so if they are any use to you feel freeto have them.

We have one daughter and pregnant with twins, boy and girl, we found reading baby name books confused us and every now and then we will just start thinking up names together cause we dont like common names like mathew, james etc.

Our daughters name is ella kirstie.
Hi every 1,
Just want you all to know that WE have finally decided on a girls name.........
Emilia Grace.WOOHOO I'm 28 weeks pregnant & we have just agreed on a name LOL.What do you all think of it ? Would love to hear from you smile
Take care & chat soon xoxox

Deb QLD mum of 4 Emelia Grace 6/5/06

Hi Deb

I really love the following girls names-

Madeleine (my little girls name)


Hi there

My name is Mell. I have a few girls names I like but my hubby doesn't. Hope they help.

Kaleisha (ka-lee-sha)
Laila (lay-la)
Leilani or just Lani (Lay-lah-nee)
Keely (Kee-lee)
Carys (Ca-ris)
Maya (My-a)

Do any of these help?

I have Sienna picked out if I have a girl. It is very hard to pick a name. I'm having trouble picking a middle name.


ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

Hello Deb,
I too couldn't decide my babies name, i loved Madison but my partner loved Tia so we called our beautiful daughter Tia Madison.

Amanda, vic, Tia 09/11/05 Jai 09/02/07

Hi all,
Ok update time,I went for a scan today as my doc was concerned that my baby was measuring small.
Well her head & tummy are right for 30 weeks & 5 days but her arms & legs are short ( like her mum )
But they were concerned about the blood going from the umbilican cord to the baby wasnt enough ?
I also had a small cyst on the placenter ?The specialist came in to have a look also,she told me they will most likely take my baby at 34 weeks sad she also mentioned a steroid shot.They want me back in there for another scan in 2 weeks.Now i'm scared ! sad Alls i want now is for my baby to be safe & healty.Sorry bout the long post just needed to vent a bit sad Take care all & will post again soon xoxox

Deb QLD mum of 4 Emelia Grace 6/5/06

Hi Gals smile

My name is Dani and my list for baby names include:-


Orion, Kohen, Xavier, Declan


Matisse, Alexia, Kaleah, Xanthe

As you can tell I like different names. Trouble with girls names is i'm growing tired of them and the bub isnt even here yet and i dont like anything else. EEEKKKK i'll have to stop thinking of them and just wait. Maybe i'll get a boy and there will be no trouble hehe.

I love all the names you have all posted here. Some very nice ones but as usual us women know a child with a name and it takes it out of the running automatically. Dont you hate that smile

Smee - i love Emelia Grace. I would love that by a best friend of mine has Amelia Jane. A little too close and she'd never forgive me haha.

Take care all during your pregnancies. Chat soon.

Dani xoxo

Mummy to Orion - The star in our universe!!

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