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If your son's name is Ryan Matthew
and your sister decided to call her boy,

Reily Matthew???
Mmmmmm.... I would tend to be a little pi$$ed off with her. Is Matthew a family name or just randomly picked out?

Reily and Ryan don't even sound alike. Now if it was something like Macy and Kacey then I could maybe understand. And as far as the same middle name that is nothing really - lots of people don't even bother with middle names.

She might be like me and have serious trouble coming up with boys names and found something she liked so used it.
She is weird!!!

I would be a little like WHAT but then figure its her thats going to look silly not you!


Yeah, out of the thousands of boys' names there are, she got 2 that are nearly (and exactly!) the same? Pffftttt, I wouldn't be happy.
Oh i don't have a problem with his middle name being matthew at all. I think that's quite cute actually. I have also told her it's her decision and i wouldn't be pissed off. Just sounds pretty close. Was just wondering what other mum's thought.
It does seem a little strange lol.
Too similar for me.
But I did go to school with cousins(same age) with the same name, first and last the only difference was the middle name. They were both Julie, so one was always referred to as Julie Ann.
And I know two girls here that are cousins, the mothers are sisters, about 2 years age difference. One is Shaylee and the other Shayden. I thought it was a bit odd. They'll both get shortened to Shay I'm sure.
And Ryan and Reily could both get shortened to Ry.

Michelle- 3 boys-17,13 & 9 -2 girls-3 & 1

Just remember that they wont be referred to by their middle names. So in that case their names arn't that similar.

I was prego at the same time as my cousin, my hubby and her hubby are best friends and also cousins. We were living in the same town and we had our babies 3 weeks apart, both girls. We had discussed names right through the pregnancies and DH & I were definate our girl would be called Charli, my cuz new this.
They wern't sure what they were going to call their girl, they were sure they were having a boy so I didn't know what their girls name was. She went into labour first, and even though they knew our girl was going to be Charli, they called her Zali. So we have Charli and Zali, as I wasn't going to change our name over that.

It doesn't bother me one bit that their names rhyme and we live in the same town, the bubs are best of mates and it's really cute to see them together.
Their eldest daughter is called Leila, and I actually like the name Shaila, but couldn't bring myself to call the next one that when it comes!! Imagine a Charli & Zali, Shaila & Laila... um no!

Anyway, I don't think it's such a big deal. She has a right to pick the childs name and I don't think she should not have the name she loves because of you. She would always regret that she didn't have the name she really wanted if you put a stop to it.

if she picked it to be like you be flattered if she picked them because she loves the name well that is her choice
but yes they are similiar to course pandmonium at the dinner table at christmas but being a mother i am sure you are used to pandamonium

i'd be annoyed!!! ive made sure when we wrote out our name list that, no names sounded similar to family members or friends kids! and even avoided a name starting with C cos of Cohen!
On the middle name thing, my sister in law and I are pregnant at the same time. I think we might both choose the same middle names because they were the names of our much loved inlaws who have passed over.

As I am due 2nd I would not change the middle name based on her choice because of the strong family connections.

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