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Jack Daniel Lock Rss

would it be just to weird or stupid to name our baby that? we are most likly having the name Jack. but not sure on a middle name, before we thought of jack we had though about using my DH name which is Daniel for the middle name.
But i just dont know if he will get teased heaps being called Jack Daniel S.... (DH LOVES the drink jack daniels too)
[Edited on 25/08/2008]
no! its cute plus its not after the drink its after his dad.
Jack is kind of after my pop. it was one of his main nick names. so id like to carry that on. DH hasnt got a middle name. DS is Rhylie Parker. we jsut picked his name out of the blue. so thought it would be nice to carry something on this time
id go with it. smile jack daniel is a great boys name.
cool. i like it to, its not a name you have to ask if its a boy or girl
defintely not. you cant really shorten it either which is good. my little boys name is jacob and he gets called jac sad
Nothing wrong with either of those names. Just not together in my opinion. I have a friend who named her 3rd son Jack Daniel. Well her hubby named him! Not a fan myself.

Michelle- 3 boys-17,13 & 9 -2 girls-3 & 1

It's not like you say "Jack Daniel" every time he's called... so I say go for it... I think the initials JD even make for a cool nickname (if you are so inclined)...
My DH cousin is Jack daniel and he doesnt get teased or anything. and I agree with Tyransmum you can always call him JD as he gets older if you like it as a nick name.
thanks girls. i tried to tell DH that how often will you be actually saying Jack Daniel. sometimes with his last name when he is in trouble lol. but other then that when people ask your kids names its always just their first name. for the first few weeks they get the first and middle.
DH wanted another name you couldnt shorten, i really like names u can but he doesnt, hence Rhylie. my aunt calls him Rhy and DH HATES It lol. i dont like it but i spose he will prob get called that later.

but u really cant shorten Jack, its just Jack. our last name starts with S that is what is putting DH off too. but pfft i like it
I wouldn't, but if you guys like it, then go for it - he's your baby!
I think its fine smile
if you both like it go for it
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