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Jack Daniel Lock Rss

wel wel wel ready to pop mi baby boi out tis kumn weeknd and me n mi partner are debating the same thing!!!i love the name jack..its gorjous and daniel is the fathers name so yea mi whole pregnance i been wndering about it!!i stil dont know if i should hehe

Just chatting to hubby, we reckon Jack Daniel is cool ... middle names hardly get used anyway, my son's middle name is Leonard, which is old fashioned and hopefully he won't get teased too much over it but it's my dad's name and I know it meant the world for one of his grandchildren to have a name from his side of the family.

If it's not their name I figure all kids will get teased for some reason or another at some point any way, too fat, too skinny, wearing glasses, freckles etc ...

Personally, if it means something special to you I'd go for it ...
We actually thought of Jack Daniel instead of Alex Lachlan - but decided against it because of the drink, but also because JD is hubby's brother's nickname, and we couldn't have 2 JD's in the family smile

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Could you not put another name between Jack and Daniel, like" Jack Lee Daniel S?

I dont mind the name, i think kids will always find something to tease others about KWIM.

Maybe little Jack will think its Cool by the time he is old enough to really know what JD is?

If you like it hun, go for it.

Mother in waiting cool thanks smile. it does mean something to me i just don't want to give him a name that is asking to be teased.

Zebby*N*Chops at the moment we cant come up with any other names. rhylies was a last minute decision we saw it and just loved it. this time from early on I've really wanted Jack for some reason and would be nice to have DH name he doesn't have a middle name to carry on. we still have plenty of time to think about it to though. im always listening out and reading names to see if anything stands out. and i dont think DH would go for 2 middle names

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Leish what about Jack Danny?

Good luck with it hun, choosing a name is so hard sometimes!

I say if YOU like it, go for it!


Posted by: Zebby*N*Chops
Maybe little Jack will think its Cool by the time he is old enough to really know what JD is?

I thought the same. Kids in primary school shouldn't know what it is, I didn't until I was in high school.
I personally like it. I love both the names.
zebby DH hates being called Danny. and i don't really like it. it is sooo hard to pick a name. i really like jack Daniel i just don't want to be stupid and set him up for teasing at school. might just have to see how we go and if it still seems right when he is born. plus we dont have to have his offical name until the birth cert. so we have plenty of time yet
i like the name jack & daniel but not together!! DH wanted that for our jack but i couldnt do it!!!

Zali, Adam & Jack!! Watch this space for news on

i like jack james to but he said no to james straight away. he is so dificult damn DH
hi great name lol
my sons name is jackson daniel
i thought of jackson then once we had that my hubby wanted daniel cos he likes the drink and its also my brothers name so worked out good.
we call him jd for short but i call him bug most of the time lol
but most people i say it to love it
i like it!

my friends son's name is jake daniel

also i like how it can be shortened to JD!

we have a RJ (my nephew) & PJ (friends son)

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