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Middle name to go with Cora? Lock Rss

I don't know what I'm having yet, but I love the name Cora for a girl, only thing is I used the middle name I liked to go with it for my daughter! So any help would be wonderful! My daughter's middle name is Mae.

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Cora Grace
Cora Jade
Cora Jane
Cora Rae
Cora Jean
Cora Eden
Cora Eve
Cora Lee
Cora Louise

All I can come up with for now!

Cora Jaide is nice!

cant see why you still cant use Mae again! as it is a family name. or usit like Cora Mae Rose???

Cora Rose
Cora Louise
Cora Paige
Cora Elexus
Cora Dilyn
Cora Elise
Cora Bree
Cora Lisa

Thanks girls,
Krisit, I don't know but I just think that I would prefer my kids to have their "own" names iykwim? So they can say it's only theirs, might sound funny, but I guess that's just me! I do like Cora Jade! have to work out a spelling for it, I like different ways to spell names.

I couldn't come up with any at all!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

I like Jayde spelt that way!

Umm the other middle names I came up with were ~

Cora Jayde
Cora Louise
Cora Marie
Cora Leah (like Lee)
Cora Grace

Cora Kate
Cora Imogen
Cora Isabelle
Cora Joy
Cora Petra
Cora Diane
Cora Jean
Cora Deanna
Cora Annabelle
Cora Skye
Cora Rain
Cora Lukka
Cora Meg
Cora Amber
Cora Pearl
Cora Margaret
Cora Lillian
Cora Jay
Cora Jayden
Cora Rebecca
Cora Loren
Cora Nicole
Cora Michelle
Cora Leanne
Cora Sarah
Cora Beth
Cora Mei

Any you like?
I do like Cora Nicole, my name is Nicole and all my other kids have family names for their middle names, so this might be the go!? There are so many names for me to choose from! Thanks for your help everyone!
I also like Cora Marie (my middle name) thanks for suggesting it Stacie, I think until someone else says that it sounds good you sometimes don't think it does iykwim.
Thanks guys! Lots of thinking for me to do now!

Alex 03, Lauren 05, Matt 07, Cora 09

Cora Renee
Cora Rose
Cora Louise
Cora Jane
Cora Emily
Cora Emma
Cora Juliet
Cora Danielle
Cora Marie
Cora Tess
[Edited on 29/08/2008]
My niece is named Cora Elizabeth.

Michelle- 3 boys-17,13 & 9 -2 girls-3 & 1

I just joined this website to tell you that I absolutely love the name Cora but unfortunately my hubby doesn't, but if I was able to use this name, I would definitely have named her....
Cora Belle
[Edited on 30/08/2008]
Hi there

I love Cora Mia
Cora Lee
Cora Rae
Cora Eve
Cora Belle
Cora Ena
Cora Chloe
Cora Carys

I hope you like these names. I do!

~ *MO 1* ~

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