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not 100% sure..... Rss

For a boy i would love "Felix Blair" or "Vincent Blair"
And for a girl "Scarlett Rose" or "Audrey Rose"

Is Felix abit 2 left field as a name....
Some family members have said it just makes them think of Felix the cat.... I really like it though.....

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i like Felix and Audrey smile
i really dont like the name felix. i know a guy with that name and reminds me of a cat aswell, or even a pet dog.

i do like vincent though. scarlett is also very nice, old fashioned and yet really girly.

its up to you though. if you still like the name when the child is born and both your and the dad agree, then go for it.
love Felix and love Scarlett
Vincent Blair is nice, they he can be called Vinnie for short (which I love)

Also Audrey for a girl is beautiful. Such a classy sounding name.

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

i feel like felix is more of a name for a pet than a human being. obviously the cartoon has something to do with it.
Love Vincent... wanted it for our DS but hubby over-ruled me!
Felix isnt for me. But i have never really heard of Vincent as a first name, except from home and away.
I think Audrey is great.

its your choice don't let other peoples opinions change your mind.
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