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Boys Names..... Levi Or Jai ?? Lock Rss

Hi there i have one DS His Name is Tyler Now Deciding on a name for his Brother....

We Like:


So whats your fave?

Thanks girls\

I like both, but definately Levi! That is our choice for a boy, if we have one.
Is it Jay or Ja-i
I like Levi.

Tyler and Levi... sounds good to me!
Hi there Pronounced Jye smile

I vote Levi-very nice!
Levi smile]
I like both. BTW, your first sons name is great!
Levi is one of our favs at the moment. Although i think we've 99% settled on a different name.

I like jai smile or Jhai
I wanted Levi but my cousin got it first

well my son's name is levi so deffintly levi i reakon but its up to you in the end

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