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Eli- How do you pronounce it? Lock Rss

Just after some opinions on how you would pronouce Eli. I thought it was pretty straightforward, but since having my son a month ago I find I am constantly having to repeat it, sometimes three times, even having to spell it for people to get it. And also I am getting Ellie a lot. People know he is a boy and they must think I am pretty weird, for calling my son Ellie, a girls name?!?

So do you guys get it? Or when you see Eli do you think Ellie?


Ashleigh, QLD, Mummy to Eli James

To begin with i thought it was Ellie, until i read he was a boy, in that case i would automatically think E-li

is that right?

Kate, Kaylem-3yrs, #2 due 16 Oct,QLD

My name is actually Ellie, so when i first read it i automatically thought it was Ellie, people sometimes spell my name Eli too...

i have heard of some boys being called Ellie. i used to work with a guy called Elie. it was pronounced the same as Ellie.

Dont worry about what people think. my brother's name is Rene. In australia is very common for a girls name but you go to france and its prodominently a boys name.

Harley's Mum - April 2006

I personally love the name Eli and am thinking of calling our baby that when he comes. But we had an friend once called Eli and he said he was constantly being called Ellie and being mistaken for a female on paper. Its hard isn't it cause I love the name.
E-LYE is how I would say it! I'm often correcting people when it comes to names (my last name is Gageler... Ga-gel-er, but people always want to put extra letters in there somewhere)!. It can get quite frustrating.
You and the important people in your life know what your sons name is and that's what's important. Once more people get to know your son the problem will become smaller.
For people to think it's Ellie is just strange if you ask me (which you have).
I've found people will pronounce names how they want, even after being corrected. My father in law still calls my son i-sac even tho he's been told it's eye-zac (Isaac). With some you just can't win.
Keep your head up and be proud what you chose!

Emma, 2 boys 1 on the way and still smiling

Hey Sleeping,

Lovely name - did you know that the name Eli comes from the Bible? So not a girls name.

It's Hebrew and means - The Highest.

Pronounced like it sounds E-lie....Eli

Great name for a little boy.



I thought it was Eli (E-Ly) straight away not Ellie

Is that right ?

Good name btw


eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

Hi everyone. The name Eli is Hebrew. It is traditionally pronounced El-ee and Not El-eye. To pronounce I as 'eye' appears to be an Ameiccanism. ( as in 'semi' they say sem-eye.) same as David should really be pronounced as Dav-eed. . Hope this helps
Ellie has two l’s so El-lee = girl
Eli has one l, so Ee-lye = boy
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