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Which Girls Name Do you LIke???? Rss

Hi we are expecting a little girl in January and just wanting people's opinions on my short list.


Which is your favourite and are ther any you dont like? Thanks

I like Layla-Belle the best... least like Jewels as it reminds me of nn for Julie - "Jules", just doesn't seem right to me...
I like Layla-belle and Ruby the best. I have Layla on my list if we have another girl. So pretty.

Michelle- 3 boys-17,13 & 9 -2 girls-3 & 1

I love Tylah, dont like Rivah or Jewels

I like Layla-Belle and Ruby. Don't like Jewels.
I love Ruby, but don't like Rivah, Chaiyna and Tylah.

Hi thanks everyone for your replies. i think layla-belle is the favourite. We had that picked before we even knew we where having a girl and my son is really set on it too - he won't listen to any other suggestions.

I really like Layla Belle and Rivah although I dont know if she would always have to pronounce it? people might thinkits ree - va like the coffee?

Fav Indiah smile
I like:


Cute names.
Love Rivah & Ruby, not too keen on Jewels sorry!
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