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Ok So What Spelling Jai or Jye?? Lock Rss

Ok So i might be leaning towards naming my bubs this but unsure what spelling to use
i feel Jai Would be misprenounced as jay?
So therefore thinking on spelling it Jye??

Any thoughts or opinions?
Thaks Guys!

Jye for me, as soon as i saw the other spelling i said Jay...
this spelling is easyfor teachers, doctors everyoneto understand straight away. ( i think anyway)
I like Jai , Everyone sees Kai and says Kai not kay
I knew a few guys named Jai (spelt that way too). I actually prefer it spelt that way and they never had a problem with the pronounciation (sp?) of their name. Just go with what you want.
[Edited on 19/10/2008]

Definitly Jye.

Like you said it may get confused with Jay if you spell it Jai, as I thought it was ment to be Jay, spelt Jai. If that makes sense!! Haha.

Good luck.

Definitely Jye. Jai, to me should be Jay (the word "straight" the ai = ay sound) JMO!
i like looks better on paper to me
i prefer Jai & it has always annoyedme that people pronounce it Jay! i have only ever know Jai's as Jye!!!

Zali, Adam & Jack!! Watch this space for news on

Jai gets my vote. My DS has only been called MacKAY once.

my sons name is T'Jae (tj) now some people get that confused and say it as jai maybe jae another way to spell it

TJae 09/10/05 Chloe 22/02/08 Emily 22/02/0

jai looks better .
I like Jye. I love that name btw, it was going to be my third babys name, if she were another boy.

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