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[Edited on 30/05/2009]
Sharelle - I live in WA.. about 5 hours away from Albany.. we go there quite often at least once a year as it helps having rellies you can stay with... Our town is in the middle of nowhere.. it's a BEAUTIFUL place right on the beach but still 2 hours away from the nearest town.
I know everytime i go to Albany the weather is always crap.. lol.. but then the people there tell me that it's not always like that but i just can't seem to be able to believe them.

Whats everyones plans for today?
[Edited on 22/09/2009]
Double post!
[Edited on 17/11/2008]
Stupid Huggies - double post
[Edited on 17/11/2008]
Hey Sharelle..
Lol.. Albany is not that bad with weather, trust me Our place is worse!!! But when the sun does shine here then it's totally worth the wait!!! lol.. We can go weeks and weeks without seeing a day of sunshine! We are pretty famous all over Australia for having 4 seasons in every day...
Well i guess i should add a comment too lol.....

Im Sabrina, im 21 nearly 22. From Wellington, NZ.

Have a DF who is also 21 and we are both extremly happy too be expecting our first daughter on 1st Jan 09.

I really want her to be born before xmas though lol. This heat is killing me.
I like different names, in the centre I was in today there was 4 alex's, 3 caleb's and 3 joshua's
Sytarnya- wow thunderstorm sounds scary to me no wonder Tyran was scared I'd be hiding too!!!!
How was your day today?
Monique- I totally understand about not dressing Leilani and Rebekah the same.
I worked in over 2's today and I missed the little ones.
Welcome Sabrina smile Aw bet you excited... Is it hot up in wellington? Im up for a weekend for hubby and I honeymoon.
Ahh you lucky NZ mummies to be living in such a beautiful place.. i went there for a 2 weeks holiday and LOVED It.. hoping to go back there one day..

I'm so lucky.. girls have been asleep for over 2 hours. they must have been very tired, i've been able to do the washing up, make the beds, do a load of washing, vaccuum the floor and eat my lunch.... smile hopefully they are in a good mood when they wake up.
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