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your name etc Lock Rss

It has been hot last few days, today is so windy thou! Nearly lost all my washing.

Im very excited about welcoming bubs! Starting to get scared now that time is closer lol
DO you have everything for her? Have you got a name picked out yet?
It's always pretty exciting welcoming a baby especially your first baby as you've never done it before etc..
Monique- I prefer the smaller towns im a rural girl at heart smile
Wow they had a big sleep hope they were in good mood smile
hi thanks yeah i would love some ideas with names it's helpful and good to have a few picked out smile thanks xx
Kirby heres some mine and hubby's fav's


that's some if you let me know what kind of names you like I can find some more smile


[Edited on 17/11/2008]
hi girls. welcome to the newbies smile
well i too am in wa (obviously smile) i'm north though, in Lancelin. Very small town. The weather is quite often nice here but it can get very windy and is renowned for the wind.
In regards to names, i don't even know why someone would say they didn't like ur childs name, i think its so rude. I like Wakelin. I think Wakey is cute for short. My sons name was quite unusual but lately i've been hearing it more often, he's Kruz. Sienna is quite popular now, but i still love it. I don't think i'll come across too many Edison's.

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Mel - Hi! Your kids have the most gorgeous names! I love them! We dont often call Wakelin Wakey but i think its a cute nickname for now, im sure he'll probably get Wake or something when hes older but im not bothered! Iv heard of Lancelin but have never been there, its nice to now where everyones from smile

Monique - Are you from Esperance? The description of where you live fits Esperance to a t, even though iv never been their hubby's lived there for a year (i think!) and my parents go there every christmas which is where we are headed with them this year! We are spending the weekend before christmas in Esperance then driving to the Duke or Orleans C/Park and staying there for 2 weeks! Heres hoping for some good weather!

Anna - I have a sister-in-law who leaves in christchurch. she works in a childcare centre and is studying as well! We hope to one day go to NZ to visit as it sounds like such a beautiful place!
Hey.. yeah we live in Esperance.. lol.. there is only 1 place like it.. very beautiful place.. When did your hubby live there?

We went to NZ for our honeymoon..
It's our wedding anniversary next week and i have NO idea what to buy DH for it.. he's so hard to buy for...

Today has actually cleared up and outside it's nice and clear so here's hoping for a nice day tomorrow to do some more washing etc..
Monique, we just had our 5th wedding anniversary on friday 14 Nov. I was in the same boat, it's so hard to buy for men!

I ended up getting him this gold scroll pendant, our initials engraved on the front and the boys names engraved on the back. He loves it (it was a little bit more sentimental, as I gave him the gold necklace he wears it on on our first wedding anniversary).

I got one of those "Willow" statues - don't know if you've seen them, but I've been collecting them since pregnant with Tyran.
Night all, been so sick today, bad flu, throat so sore I can't swallow properly.... YUK!!

Monique, what about going out somewhere really fancy for dinner and enjoying some time alone. My fiance and i don't do presents, we more celebrate by doing something nice together... I don't know whats around restaurant wise in Esperance but Margaret River isn't too far away is it? or perhaps perth for a night? We went to Zafferano's on the swan river for our anniversary this year which was 10 years together. It was an expensive night but we really enjoyed it and we both got dressed up. It would be a nice idea if u have a babysitter...
Sorry i have a bad memory and i can't check back while i'm typing but thanks for the compliment re my kids names wakey's mum smile Edison is what we are calling our son that is due on the 19th dec.
Sorry to hear ur sick Sytarnya. It really sux getting sick when ur pregnant, i hope u feel better soon smile I know it's hard with another littlie but try to rest as much as u can. One of the best things i do when i get a cold or flu is drink loads of fresh lemon and honey tea. It is the best remedy. Just boiling water fresh squeezed lemon and a good heaped teaspoon of honey. If u have an oil burner burn eucalyptus and tea tree oils. Hope this helps u. Take care all, I'm off to bed myself
Sorry Sharelle, just looked back to check ur name! smile
[Edited on 18/11/2008]

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

ok now i feel like a dhead! i thought esperance was north of albany closer to perth not south of albany and further away!!!! maybe albany has somewhere nice u could go out monique??.....

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

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