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Hope you get the job Gabrielle smile
$77 sounds quite expensive to me probably because over twos get 20 free hours in NZ I'm not sure why it's not offered to under 2's though. Aw so you are looking at over 2 job? :, sounds perfect re the checking on Charlotte.
[Edited on 19/11/2008]
We travelled around the south island in Jan/Feb 07.. We got married Nov 06. We just went to like Wanaka, Christchurch, Dunedin, Queenstown, Hamner Springs, through the Arthurs pass.. SO beautiful.
hi all,
anna over here, if you get the family tax benefit, as long as your and your partner(if your a couple) work 15 or more hours each, you get 50 hours subsided if i did get it, and charlotte did go there, all her care would be subsided.its expensive that for sure, but apparently its a poncier area in brissy, and a lot of their clientele(sp?) are people who earn good $ or their children have previously been with a nanny.i suppose for some people the cost isnt too bad, considering quite a few of the spaces available are gone;theyre going to have two centres on the one property, and each centre has a nursery, toddlers, and i think prekindy, and she said both nurseries and toddler rooms are full, although alot of the babys are older, they just dont want to move them up straightaway as soon as they open, being a new centre and all.
oh i forgot in the last post, but monique, im pretty sure i seen a pic you posted in another thread;if so, you look very much like your girls, there was alot of resemblance between you and them. one question i wanted to ask you(its dumb sounding, but i dont know many people with twins) was whether a full term pregnancy with twins is 40weeks, same as a single baby pregnancy?as i said, a dumb question,lol but ive alwaysd been curious, figured you may know seen as youve got twins girls.
anyway hope everyone is well, and enjoying their days, sytarnya hope you get well
Just wanted to say has anyone got bebo?
[Edited on 22/09/2009]
New Zealand is beautiful wink hehe. Did you decide about the play Monique? That reminds me Corie and I always talk about going but never seem to get around to it. What have you and Leilani and Rebekah been up to today?
Aw that's interesting about 2 separate buildings with all the ages Gabrielle. In Chch there is a couple of ABC centres like that wigram 1 & 2 are side by side but 2 is smaller numbers and the same with Tumara Park 1 & 2.
What have you and Charlotte been up to today?
I am having a lazy day I watched ''Becoming Jane" this morning and am just reading, was so hot at work yesterday I was outside all day.
Hi Sharelle I'm good smile how are you?
I love being outside when it's hot at work though I have to be hat police- NZ has highest rate of skin cancer in world.
Hehe at work the under 2's are always eating big handfuls of sand. Wow thunderstorms! not 2 bad here just cool breeze.
I may have meet your sil i'm not sure I mostly have been to ABC centres and council lead centres relieving.
Gabrielle- A full term twin pregnancy is 37 weeks.. in lots of cases you don't get there as it depends on how high risk you are. Some twins are low risk some are very high risk. But they count it full term at 37 weeks.
Yeah i do look like my girls, especially if you see a picture of me as a baby there is lots of resemblance, and my mum also says that Rebekah has the same personality as me too... lol..

Anna we haven't been doing much today, girls haven't been sleeping much at night at all, i'm not sure if Leilani actually slept at ALL last night, so they've just been down for their nap and they've had 1 1/2 hours so hopefully things will be a bit better today....

The weather here is cloudy again, so i think the sun has gone again.
This is a private message I just received from someone and feeling quite upset, just wanted to get some second opinions, I'm happy to leave this forum.

Hi this is a friendly message to let you know that the website is trying to clean up its posts and you seem to be posting quite alot. I am finding it a little frustrating where you have posted so many times. EG Baby names just do 1 post of all the names you like. People are genuinley posting as they are pregnant and wanting peoples honest opinions on a name for their child. I just think that you may be wasting peoples time with all of the posts which you wont be using until you are pregnant and prob when you are you wont even like the names you do now. Thankyou
was it from a mod? Or just another member?
Just a member. Must be getting my period got a bit teary. Okay now though. How are your girls after their sleep?
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