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your name etc Lock Rss

It's not you go posting in all the sections your pretty much only in this 1 section...
They are better, they looks as though they are actually awake without their eyes being all heavy..
Apparently I'm not allowed to post because
Quote "Why waste peoples time when your not pregnant. It just ties it up for the rest of us that genuinley want replies"
Naw it's hard for little ones when they tired.
Don't worry about it.. just ignore it.
People never really talk to me in the other sections.. at least you talk! smile
Girls are having some lunch... so they are nice and quiet.

Anyone want extra practise changing nappies?? lol, i'll happily give you the job!! lol.
I'm a bit of a social bug I get it from my Nan shes going crazy stuck in bed all day after hip operation shes got another 3weeks+. Its nice talking to everyone on here smile
Are your girls fussy eaters? Some bubs are.
Hehe I hadn't done nappies in years and these were my sisters old cloth ones and I had to change some on teaching practice and the first one the wee girl peed as I was trying to change her and the 2nd one I put on backwards hehe the third was better so I do need some practice.
Your welcome to fly to my place.. and try on my girls.. they are teething which always makes their tummy bad, and then Leilani ate sand yesterday in the sandpit so her nappies are filled with sand which makes it nearly impossible to change.

Nah my girls are pretty good eaters. but they won't eat anything unless i've given them a drink of water.
Today they've had a tomato sauce sandwich, slices of cheese, half an banana and half a muffin and some sultanas
[Edited on 20/11/2008]
Hey guys!
Oh Anna i wouldnt take it personnally whoeva sent it obviously doesnt know you mean well by posting and from some of your name posts iv gotten great idea for names and im sure others have as well! I wouldnt say they are slowing down the system compared to some of the other crap thats posted in these forums!
Anyway im loving all our little chats in this section for once i actually feel welcomed smile
Monique those pics of your girls are too cute! How do you put a pic up?
Enjoy your day off Anna!
I just make the pictures small in paint and then joined them together.. Then you go to TinyPic and you add it there that gives you the signature that you add to your profile.
Sounds too complicated for my small brain lol wink
Sand makes bubs bottom sore too it not really the best but they sensory explorers and love puting stuff in their mouths.
Every time i see the photo of them on your profile makes me smile they just look so happy smile
Sharelle- me 2 i want to put some pics up of me and hubby and my niece but have no idea how to I have to resize to start off with but don't know how to do it
Thanks guys just felt really awful. I love chatting to all you guys smile
wheres Mell & Sytarnya today... hope you both oki and Tyran and Jyden & Kruz, Sienna & Edison and hubby's!
It been very relaxing day off. I don't think I'm guna know what's hit me when I have a bub least I got somewhere to come for advice smile even though its stil agessssssss to go.
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