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Yes i will have 3 under 3. Pretty scary stuff smile Number 3 was a huge surprise for us. We are very happy but i know the next 12 mths will be pretty fullon.
I said i wanted 4 kids before i had any, then i had one and changed my mind to two!!!!!!!!! My first baby was colicky and fed every 2 - 3 hrs but i still had my heart set on having them close together. As soon as we started ttc number 2 i fell pregnant instantly. I was happy to just have the two but then i was surprised with number 3. This is definately it though. DF will be getting the snip!!! he he he :)Oh yeah and my second was a reflux baby, so fingers crossed i get a easy baby third time round smile

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

Oh you poor thing! I can so understand what you went thru... I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed this baby doesn't give you any hassles...
I just realised Mell and Sytarnya due around same time!
I know - but Mell will beat me to it - she's being induced the lucky thing sad knowing my luck I'll have this bub on Xmas Day and be stuck in hospital for the days off my DH gets!! Sooo didn't plan this pregnancy very well! It wasn't meant to happen the first month we tried!! Was meant to be like our first DS - it took 6 months.

Had another ultrasound yesterday (there was a slight prob with his left kidney, that seems to have rectified itself now - YAY!) and got some 3D pics of him - so cute, getting chubby, but he is on track to being "normal" weight which is good. Looks like his Daddy and Big Brother!

Sorry probably boring people, but start to get excited when you see them!
Oh, congrats Katie! I thought you must be further along when you started to post about bub's names... you are so organised to have names picked already! With this bub it's taken us until 25 weeks to decided! The name game has been very frustrating this time around...
Naw smile I love hearing about bubs I can't wait till hubby and I have one. Glad Jyden kidney is good smile. I never seen a 3d image I don't think.
hello all,
my name is gabrielle, im 22, have a daughter who is nearly 8 months partner and i live together, but not married-we have an age gap too, im 22 as i said, hes 39., lol, anna you probably recognise my user name as someone who has an opinion that can be a bit strong at times, lol-i never mean to offend people, just always like to make my opinion known,lol!!congrats to all the ladies expecting, i would like another one, not quite yet though, my partner does want another one too, but he wants to be better off financially first, and he doesnt want to wait till hes an old fogie, lol-sshhh dont tell him but hes heading that direction now, lol(jokes people jokes, he knows i dont care about age, we wouldnt be together if either of us did).id ahve to agree, love baby names but gets harder to pick when you actually fall preggas-i always loved kymberly, but changed my mind while preggas
Hi all,
I just thought I would join in too.

I am Amy, DP is Chris, born on same day and we are 22. We have a 2yrs and 7mth old DD Tayah. I am 4wks 3days PG with #2 due 7th July09, blood test results this arvo.

My DD was an angel of a baby, sorry I got an easy bub for my first!!! And hoping this one is too!!!

Ghee, Sytarnya and Mell, not long now, how exciting. Goodluck.
Congrats Katie.
Sophie, 4mth old twins, how cute.
Anna, you must have so much time on your hands.
Welcome Gabrielle and Amy smile
I too have an age gap with hubby he's 35 and I'm 19 smile
I like debating smile so keep at it smile
I'm almost finished study for this year so I soon will have lots of time but I'm meant to be doing assignments and I'm on here tongue yet again
Congrulations Amy smile
Congrats Amy! I also found out just after 4 weeks - looking back it seems like ages ago!

Thanks Anna, re:Jyden's kidney... a big relief to know it's ok. What are you studying?

Hi, Gabrielle, yes the naming debate can get a bit heated! It's such a personal thing isn't it... but it's great to have somewhere to go for opinions!
[Edited on 31/10/2008]
lol,will always have anm opinion so u will hear a bit more from me im sure.are u an ozzy or nzer, ive probably mentioned in some post im originally an nzer, but live in partners an ozzy.are people accepting of your age gap, ppl have been really good with ours, we never made it a secret, and we are happy, so they in turn are happy for us. i must admit when i 1st read one of your posts, i thought you were older than you are, and i also wanted to ask whether you actually had any children, but didnt want to tackle the subject in case you had been trying with no succeess-it tends to be a touchy subject and hopefully i havnt stepped on toes by mentioning it. im loving being at home with my dd, but am starting to feel stifled, so have been looking for a job-had a couple of job interviews past 2-3 days;coincidentally im looking for childcare work, i worked casually for abc centres while i was preggas, but now looking for something steady, so that if i do find a job, i can find steady care for dd.if work doesnt turn up, im going to look at studying my diploma in cc.
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