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your name etc Lock Rss

sorry Anna - just re-read you OP - duh! Soooo have blonde pregnant brain atm... (and yes I'm a blonde so I'm allowed to say that hehehe...) :0)
Hey, me and my DF have an age gap too. When we met I was 19 and he was 32. So now we're 21 and 34.

Yeah I guess we are organised with names lol. When we decided to try for a second I started getting freaked out because I couldn't find one name I liked and with Maddi we picked her name out before I was pregnant. So I felt like we'd never find a name so started hunting lol.

It took us 5 months to get Maddi and took 4 months this time around. So now I'm convinced next time it'll be 3 months, and then 2.. hehe.

This thread has grown so much since I was last on! Seems as I talked about myself for so long I've totally forgotten everything everyone else has said! So sorry!

But, MrTsMummy (sorry I can't remember how to spell your name!) it's really good news that Jyden's kidney has sorted itself out!

hi all

Gee sytarnya, sorry about the little guys kidney, i'm glad they think it's rectified itself.
I have my fingers crossed for a easygoing bub this time. Hopefully he's born a lot bigger and just eats and sleeps!!! My first was 6lb5oz and second 6lb15oz.
Congrats Amy, wow u found out early, i was like that with number 2, made it feel like i was pregnant foreva!! This time round i didn't find out till i was 9 weeks so it seems to be zooming along. I only have like 7 weeks to go or something!!!

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

Im a Nzer living in chch from timaru smile
wea bouts aus u live?
We were bit scared to tel my parents but most people have been really accepting, now we married people kinda accept it more that probably doesn't make much sense. Its been more girls my age havent been so accepting lost one friend at start but you find out who ur true friends are when they love you no matter what.
No kids we both studying early childhood 2nd year we plan to ttc dec 2010 which is ages away but gota get some money coz we wana get our own place first.
i relieve in centres during the holidays have been in a few abc centres.
U shud def do diploma studying early childhood is really interesting I love working with kids esp 0-2 years and 2-3 years would be my favourite ages
sorry for super long post!!!!
Hi Anna, I'm Lyndal, I'm 33 and Married with 3 kids. William 10, Saxon 19 months and Bronte 12 weeks. Oh and not to forget my other child, my hubby Justin 36 lol!
Goodluck with conceiving bub in 2010!

Hi all

My name is Megan from nz living paeroa. I am 28, my hubby is Nathan he is also 28. We have been married for 4 years 27th Nov. We have 2 chn. Cathrine whom is 2 years and Alex whom is 7mths. They are 17mths apart.
Congrats Katie on your bun in the oven. Having them close together is awesome. Cathrine just loves her baby brother and visa versa.

I am a full time stay at home mum but am a caregiver for the elderly by trade. Have taken a break to be with the kids.

We are looking at selling the house in Paeroa and moving to morrinsville to be closer to hubby's job. He works in Hamilton which is about an hour away and with petrol prices the way they are at the moment it is taking it's toll.

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

oh no not a kiwi Anna!!!! ha ha ha just joking smile That's great ur studying ecs. That will make things easier when u do finally have a bubba. Don't worry about the friends u loose. I have lost contact with quite a few friends since having kids. Lots of my friends don't have any so they don't really have the time for me any more. Seems ridiculous that they don't wanna know u just cause u married an older man! At least u find out who ur true friends are.... You'll make plenty more friends in life smile

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

Its nice to find people to talk to that have ape gaps with their partner smile and lots of other lovely people too smile
Welcome Lyndal and Megan smile our little group is growing smile
Thanks for that Mell smile im off to hospital to see my Nan who had Hip operation yesterday shes 79 i can't imagine being that old smile I'm really close to her
hi my name is Steph. im 24 my partner is Paul hes 49. We have been together for over 5 1/2 years. I have a 4yr 7mth old son and a 20mth old son. I am 32 weeks pregnant with a little girl who is officially due on christmas day.(were trying accupuncture to get her to come a tad bit early, first appointment is on the 9th dec) so really hoping she comes a week early..This is my last baby, no more for us.. I am a stay at home mum( i am qualified to look after the elderly im still on maternity leave since having #2).I love kids. i enjoy being a mum its the best job ever although hard and wearing at times but oh so worth it. Gotta go in the middle of spring cleaning for like the billionth time this pregnancy.

i live in scarborough, qld now, but when i lived in nz; i grew up in a small town called eltham(taranaki), and just before i moved here i lived in new plymouth(taranaki again).yes i must say its nice having people with age gaps to chat too, ive always gone for older guys so its not a huge thing for people to get used to with me, lol. certain people have opinions as to why me and john got together, none of it true;i wont go into much detail(meagn will most likely have heard this already from another thread), but basically i fell preggas with charlotte pretty much as soon as we got together, and didnt have a job, so people thought(and some idiots still do, not that i care) that i got with john purelyu because i fell preggas, and so i had someone to rely on financially-not true none of it, but you know they believe what they like.anyways moving on....even if i do get a job, i will still get my diploma, it might just postpone it a little.btw big thumbs up to your partner studying cc as a male, its so rare to see, and its hard when they get work, cos of all the opinions people have, but i personally love working with males, and think its great when they can work in a job they always cheering when i find a centre with a male teacher.i remember when i done my cert in nz, we were next to the chefs, and one guy some of used to talk to, always said to others, he wouldve liked to do cc himself, but it was just too hard to do(i dont think hew ever done cc work), but it was sad that he didnt feel he could do it, just because of what people think.
sux about your nan, hope she gets better soon
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