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your name etc Lock Rss

hello everyone...
can i join too?
some of you may have seen me around lol
im always somewhere lol
anyways im bek 20yo (21 on 22/12) mummy too 2 beautiful girls (but im biased lol) Tia Rose who is 2and a half, and Isobel Skye who is 14 months and im 16 weeks (on monday) pregnant with number three... Tia and Issie are 16 months apart and Issie and this one will be 20 months apart (i think lol my brain isnt working atm lol) Issie was 11 months when i found out lol my DF is Tristain and he is 23 (24 on 11/11)
i have always wanted three kids... DF was easy lol. we werent actually planning the third just yet... but things happen for a reason...
it will be our last (unless we have another girl then i guess we will go back in 10 years or so)
anyways have to run trying to get Issie to sleep and Tia keeps going in there
talk soon

That's great that u will have a little girl for your third Steph, congrats. Also congrats to you too Bek on your third. It's nice to see some more ppl on here having their third. Looks like urs will be pretty close together like me, Bek. I'm being induced on the 19th December with our third and final baby :)I'm the same as u Bek and wasn't quite planning the third but he is our happy little surprise smile
I hope ur Nan gets better soon, Anna smile

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

yes Mell i will have three under three for a month and a bit there lol
Tia's bday is in may im due 20th April... hopefully will got two weeks early (Tia was 39 weeks, Issie 38 weeks ) idwife jokes that i will go at 37 weeks lol i dont mind as long as bub is healthy and i dont go past 39 weeks (i think it would just kill me going late after having two earlies lol)

hope you nan gets better soon Anna... LOL at you saying you couldnt imagine being that old... i get like that sometimes too i look at my birthdays and think holy hell... i still feel like im fifteen (and kinda look it too i get asked for id all the time lol even with the kids)

Welcome Steph & Bek smile anybody's welcome to join smile
Steph- Syntarnya bub Jyden is due xmas day same as ur bub :)I hope you got all ur cleaning done smile
Bek- Long as bub not really early smile i was two months early. your little girls have pretty names smile

what has everyone been up to today?
i have always been slighty early with mine too Bek but only 5 days number1 and 7 days number two. I have chosen to be induced this time round to avoid being in hossy on chrissy day plus df is a seasonal worker and it's his busiest time so being able to plan when bub is arriving makes it alot easier. so u don't know the sex of ur bub? i didn't find out the first two but was such a surprise this time i just wanted to find out and get organised.
not up to too much Anna. took the kids to the park. now they are in bed so i'm gonna hang out some washing then have a little rest myself. starting to feel tired in the last few weeks... i try to rest when i can so i have the energy to clean!

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

WOW - I've only been off for a few hours girls! Hi to the newbys - mmm brain work! Steph, Bec, Lyndal and Megan.

I'm the odd one out - my hubby is younger (HAHA) than me - yes I'm a cradle snatcher. He just turned 28 and I am 31 - so not by much but still...

Thanks Mel, I hope that Jyden isn't bigger than Tyran was tho! Tyran was 8pd8oz / 4kgs! So no more little buddas please lol smile

I live in Bray Park Brisbane, the good old sunshine state, and I'm feeling it today! it's 30 degrees! Tyran has been running around semi naked all day, in and out of the pool!
I forget who (sorry), but someone else said they live in Scarborough Qld. Is that the suburb in Brissy notrth?

Oh - and just to give you the all the heads up, we are on holidays from Monday (YAY YAY YAY), so don't think i've gone into labour or something! I'll be back in a week and a bit...
dunno if i said my age?.... i'm 28 and df is 29 so i guess we're the odd ones out too!
wow u have them quite big then Sytarnya. hope Jyden isn't too big either. did u have any stitches with Tyran? sorry if tmi. private msg me if u prefer.. i did find my second was easier and she was bigger and i didn't have any stitches smile
I'm in a small town called Lancelin in WA. I've been to the Sunshine coast about 4 years ago, very nice there. My friend used to live in Mooloolaba.
By the way been meaning to ask u Sytarnya, how do u pronouce ur name? Is it Si-tarn-ee-a

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

My name is pron Sit-arn-ya... yes my mum was a fan of all things "unusual" too, it must be in the genes!

No, no stitches! had a small graze internally, but thankfully, he was just a real chubby bub, you wouldn't know to look at him now. His head circ was quite small - thank goodness!

I used to live in Gin Gin in WA! Just down the coast and in a bit from Lancelin - had a few 'new years' out there! smile WA is beautiful country. Also used to live in Perth and Karratha for a while too. Came back here to be close to my mummy hahaha....

[Edited on 28/02/2009]
hello to all the newbies,
yup im pretty sure scarbie the north side of brissy.lolo, seems like this is the new forum for age gaps and/or pregnant chics nearly due, lol.its been getting stickier here too, im hating it, not yet adjusted to the weather as i hadnt been over long for the last dose, and was preggas, so just hot in general at that stage, lol. charlotte was 8.5 and a 1/2 born, 10 days overdue, i got induced.anyways chat later about to run a bath for my girl and i.
are boy or girl bubs bigger do u think or dependent more on being first bub or second etc.
Hi Casey smile
I have a long list hehe here's some


Not so hot here in New Zealand but getter hotter, I like the warmer days when can get outside, hubby and I going to make some raised garden beds and grow some vegies.
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