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Hi guys..
I'm Monique, am 21 and have been married to my DH for 2 years. I have 2 DD's nearly 13 months Leilani and Rebekah.

Naw ur girls are cuties smile
welcome Monique smile
Hi Monique, welcome. I love the name Leilani, so pretty.

as for the girls or boys being bigger Anna I guess it goes on how many u have maybe.... My first (boy) was 6lb5oz and second (girl) 6lb15oz. I have heard boys are meant to be bigger but also heard they usually get a bit bigger the more u have....
Gee u have a big name list. I bet it will change when u r pregnant smile
Ur vegie patch sounds great too

ds3yrs dd2yrs ds9mths

My mum had bigger boys than girls I think have to ask her next wknd, my brother was 9lb 8oz.
that's only a third of my names smile i have some more unusual ones too... hubby and I have 2 girls names we like and 1 boys but we keeping them secret smile
My dad's going to get us some old posts etc from his farm to make the beds and hes giving us some of his parsley plants.
What is everyone up to this weekend?
Hey, i'm Tash i'm 19 and I have one DD who is 19 months. I have 3 weeks left of year 12 and I will be working after that until christmas. I have applied for uni next year but I am unsure of whether I will go or not.
Hi Tash welcome :)what is your girls name?
hey Tash how you goin...?
Anna isnt she just gorgeous a fall in love with her everytime i see that pic... smile

oh and with my bubs they go up two pounds lol
Tia was 5lb 9oz Issie was 7lb 9oz so im a bit scared this one wil be 9lb 9oz lol but will let you know how we go next april lol
[Edited on 01/11/2008]

Mell 28 & Kris 29, Kruz,Sienna And (Boy, Edison?)
Sophie 27 & Daniel, Matilda,Oliver & Iris
Sytarnya, 31 & Gordon 28,Tyran,(Boy,Jyden)
Katie 21& Partner 34,Madisyn (Bub Daemon,Zahli)
Gabrielle 22, Partner 39,Daughter
Amy 22 & Chris 22,Tayah (bub)
Lyndal 33 & Justin 36,William, Saxon, Bronte
Megan 28 & Nathan 28,Catherine, Alex
Steph 24, Paul 49,Joshua, Zach (girl)
Bek 20 & Tristain 23, Tia, Isobel (bub)
Casey 24 & Deon 34, Jackson, Ryder
Monique 21 & Hubby 25, Leilani & Rebekah
Anna 19 & Corie 35, ttc dec 2010
Tash 19 & Partner 19, Sarah
sorry for missed anyone or details wrong please fix them smile

[Edited on 03/11/2008]
her name is Sarah smile

Bek we are going alright, we still can't find a rental place but now considering moving elsewhere and buying.

Anna you forgot us, oh and DP is 19 too.
Sorry Tash must missed the last page, sarah looks pretty in that dress I like the big buttons smile
where abouts are you from?
we're from the ACT, I love that dress it really suits her
My DH is 25.. smile
Everyone has such cute children...!!!
Didn't do a lot this weekend, we are planning on doing some backyard work over chrissy so we are drawing up plans of what we want done.
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